What Is Osteopathy?


Osteopathy is a remarkably skillful and safe way of assessing, treating, and preventing a wide range of musculoskeletal and other related disorders. Osteopathy uses manual therapy to promote health of the whole body and is suitable for the entire family.

The body has the natural ability to maintain itself and, by helping this process, osteopathy can promote restoration of normal function. The principle of osteopathy is that your wellbeing relies on the way that bones, muscles, ligaments, connective tissue and internal structures work with each other. Your osteopath knows how parts of your body should work together and the impact if they do not.

‘Why has this happened now? The pain just started for no reason…’    An osteopath will take the time to understand you and your unique combination of symptoms, medical history and lifestyle. This approach allows the practitioners to look at the “why” and identify the source of the problem.

This helps to make an accurate diagnosis of the causes of the pain or lack of function, rather than just addressing the site of the condition. From that, they formulate a treatment plan that will achieve the best outcome.

Osteopathic care is delivered through a range of interventions: Manual (‘hands-on’) therapy, clinical exercise programmes, postural and ergonomic assessments, health and lifestyle management advice and onward referral to other healthcare specialists.

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